Dryland sledding is a growing sport in Australia. We provide educational beginner sessions on how to safely start mushing with your dog.  There is some basic knowledge required when starting the sport - topics such as commands, strength training, diet, endurance training and equipment are all covered in these sessions. We teach you about different styles of mushing - from racing to weight pull and everything in-between with safety being our number one goal. 

We also provide the opportunity for you and your dog to try different types of equipment. These include different types of dog harnesses, gang lines, neck lines and bungy sections for the dogs and for the driver - canicross belts, bike jouring equipment, scooters and rigs. It is important the equipment you use fits your dog and yourself to prevent any sort of strain or injury from occurring. Once we have covered all of these topics it is time to get behind a scooter or rig (depending on the number of your dogs) and have a try at the sport. We will show you the all the basics so that you can leave and start training on your own.

 A one hour education session is $125. This also includes a beginner’s guide of all the things we have covered in the session - we understand that it is a lot to take in at once so the guide is handy to refer to later on. If you are bringing more than one dog to the session it is an extra $25 per dog. We welcome any breed of dog to try dryland sledding as long as they are healthy. Dogs must have a current C5 vaccination to participate.

Please send an email to info@howlinghusky.com.au for dates and locations. We will require a $50 deposit to secure your session as we do book out very quickly and often have a waiting list.