Our Mount Hotham Tours are the highest altitude tours available in Australia and are situated at 1700m. Mt. Hotham is surrounded by the pristine wilderness of the Alpine National Park. They have perfect facilities for families, first time snow goers and even the biggest snow enthusiast. This is the perfect place to gain that true Aussie snow experience. 

Tours run from June - September.

CLOSED - Monday and Tuesdays (unless stated otherwise)

Please note: there is a combined weight limit of 160kg for all sled tours.

All of our tours are run as an informative, enjoyable and scenic tour, we do not offer an adrenaline rides. Although our dogs are amazing at what they do we train them as freight pulling dogs not a racing dog meaning they are extremely fit and extremely strong but not extremely fast.


Polar Paws Express
30 minutes

Mushing through the snow, on a husky pulled sleigh. Over Hothams Hills you go, laughing all the way! This short ride is sure to put a smile on your face. This is a perfect introduction to the totally pawsome world of dogsledding. Taking time stopping to enjoy the views and explore Mt Hotham like you have never seen before! After your ride be sure to thank your lovely dog team with lots of pats, cuddles and pictures!

Approximately 30 minutes including pat and play session
$300 for 2 people riding together


Stumpy Tailed Trail
1 Hour 15 Minutes

Get ready for a tail wagging good time as you find magic around every corner on the looped trails of Mt. Hotham. The dog's excitement is contagious as you dash through the snow, so snuggle up and get ready to learn all about the history of the sport, linage of the dogs and the ultimate bond between man and their best friends. Journey upwards to discover remarkable views of untouched beauty then under archways of painted snow gums.  If you’re feeling brave your experienced musher will let you have a go at driving! From the cheeky to the driven, our dogs are sure to make memories so finish the tour off with a pat and play to say thank you. The dogs will be sure to load you up with plenty of kisses to remember them by. This tour is great for all ages and abilities.

 Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes including pat and play session
$500 for 2 people riding together


Possum Path - family tour
1 hour 15 minutes

Sam tour.jpg

Follow the pitter patter of paws through a winter wonderland and let the dogs wow you as you run under a garden of snow gums. Cuddle up for a howling good time and let your experienced musher teach you about the dogs, their jobs, the commands we use, and history of the sport. Finish your tour off with lots of pats and cuddles and pictures and be sure to take home lots of kisses.
Tour is divided into two rides of approximately 30 mins on the sled each, the other 15 mins is the allocated set up time and Pat n Play. 

Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes including pat and play session
$550 for 2 adults and 2 children
(Children are age 3-13yrs)


1.5 Hours

Snuggle into the sled just before dusk and let our team of Howling Huskys take you on an experience like no other !

Sunset .JPG

Learn about the dogs, the history of dogsledding and the reasons they love doing it. Continue along the trail and come to a stunning look out where your Guide will share some local knowledge with you and leave you to enjoy a complimentary wine as you watch the sunset (of course your team of Howling Huskys will be right behind you also taking in the view!).

Includes a complimentary Hot Chocolate or glass of Wine, this tour is available on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday’s 

Approximately 1hour and 30minutes including pat and play

$750 for 2 adults